Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer – Specs, Size Guide & Price Comparison…

Do you want an easy-to-ride wake surfboard for surfing behind the boat? The Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer has a wider fish tail design that gives this board lots of advantages.

Conneelly Cuda Wakesurfer - Specs, Size Guide and Price Comparison for this Easy-to-Ride Wakesurf Board

Here are 5 reasons you may prefer the Cuda over other boards, plus the specs, size guide and price comparison to help you decide if this wakesurfer is right for you…

1. The Cuda is Easier to Turn

Fish Tail Design Makes Turning Easier on a Wakesurf Board

First of all, fish tails (sometimes called swallow tails) make wakesurfers more responsive and easier to turn.

Therefore, you can more easily control your board as it moves through the water. This helps with beginners learning as well as more advanced riders attempting new tricks.

2. The Wide Tail Helps Propel Your Board Forward

Second, the wider fish tail helps the Cuda propel through the water by giving it additional push. Consequently, this wakesurfer performs better on small wakes than other competitors.

For example, smaller waves typically don’t give you that speed that you need to get into the sweet spot and stay there. The Connelly Cuda, on the other hand, can help you ride those smaller waves for longer.

Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer - Easier for Turning and Spinning, Plus it has a Stable Surface and Larger Traction Pad that Make Standing and Balancing Easier

3. The Fish Tail Assists with Carves, Turns and Spins

Third, the fish tail helps release the back end of the board from the water. Hence, you can turn more easily. Whether you are carving the wake or attempting 360 degree spins, you’ll find this feature helpful.

4. The Connelly Cuda Provides a Steady Surface to Stand On

Fourth, the wider tail makes this wakesurfer more stable. As you’d expect, beginners find it easier to learn the sport on this shape of board. Similar to the Ronix Koal Fish, this model makes a good wakesurf board for families.

Check out how the Connelly Cuda rides in the video below:


5. You Get a Larger Traction Pad

Fifth, the deck pad on the Cuda extends almost the full length of the board. If you like surfing on the nose, keep this feature in mind. It allows you do a little more fancy footwork than other models that have a smaller deck pad.

Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer Price Comparison:

Marsh Mellow Wakesurfer

The Connelly Cuda wakesurf board, priced at about $350, falls within the low-range price category for wakesurfers. In other words, it offers a great value for the performance features it delivers.

For example, the Ronix Marsh Mellow, Slingshot Coaster and Obrien Zenith all cost significantly more. However, the Hyperlite Hi-Fi, the Landlock and the Hyperlite Shim fall into the same price range.

Plus, this well-made board can last as long as many other wakesurfers. So, you don’t have to buy a more expensive board to get the quality you want.

Connelly Cuda Size Guide:

Here are the board lengths available for the Connelly Cuda wakesurf board along with their corresponding weight capacities:

  1. Length: 4’8″ | Weight Capacity: Up to 175 lbs
  2. Length: 5’0″ | Weight Capacity: Up to 225 lbs
LengthWeight Capacity
4’8″Up to 175 lbs
5’0″Up to 225 lbs
Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer for Surf-Style Riding on a Small Wake

Specs for the Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer

  • Board Size: 5′ Long
  • Max Weight Capacity: 180+ lbs
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Riding Style: Surf Style
  • Wave Size: Small
  • Volume: 21.30L
  • Construction: EPS Foam Core with 5mm Stringer, Epoxy Construction
  • Fins: Twin FCS 3.6″ Fins
  • Manufacturer: Connelly, Phone: (425) 775-5416
  • Get the Connelly Cuda Here

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