How to Choose a Wakesurf Board – in 5 Simple Steps…

Choosing the Best Wakesurf Board for You…

Hyperlite Speedster 2023

How do you know which is the best wakesurf board for you? I mean, there are lots of great wakesurf boards to choose from.

Well, there are a few guidelines you want to follow, but it’s really simple actually.

1. Which Wakesurf Board Size Should You Get?

Some models offer 3 different sizes (ie. smaller, medium and larger) while some boards come in only one size. Most boards are between 4 1/2 feet and 5 1/2 feet in length. Here’s what you want to keep in mind:

  • Smaller boards are best for smaller people and/or bigger wakes.
  • Larger boards are best for larger people and/or smaller wakes.
  • Typically, larger boards are more stable due to their increased surface area – and therefore are good beginner boards too.

I have yet to see a wakesurf board size chart, which doesn’t surprise me – this sport is more of an art than a science.

2. Which Board Style Should You Choose?

As you progress in the sport, you will probably find that you prefer one of two styles: surf style or skim style. The reason you want to know this is that most boards are designed for one style or another, although now we are seeing some new hybrid boards coming out.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

Surf Style: Look for boards that are longer. Larger boards are slower and are designed for people who want that “surfing” feel – and who maybe want to catch some air while they’re at it. (Check out the Hyperlite Landlock).

Skim Style: Look for boards that are shorter and have a flat rocker (the board is flat). They usually come with a single fin or multiple fins that can be removed. These types of wakesurfers are fast and easier to maneuver than larger boards and are made for doing spins and other tricks on the wake. (ie. Liquid Force Skim Wakesurfers).

More on riding style and choosing a board:


3. Wakesurfer Construction – What’s Best?

In general, boards are either composed of foam surrounded by hand laid glass (like a surfboard) or they have a compression molded design (like a wakeboard).

Hand laid glass is lighter and more buoyant and usually used in high-performance boards. However, it is more fragile than compression molded surfers.

Not that you’re going to be throwing around your board or anything, but compression molded styles give you less to worry about. Compression molded styles also cost less.

4. What Fin Set-up Should You Look For?

Wakesurfers that come with multiple fins give riders more versatility in their riding style. For example, you can remove the outer fins to increase the speed an maneuverability of your board, making it easier to perform spins.

A little trivia for you: Boards with tail fin and tip fin are good for riding switch. called “semi twin shape”.

Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board with Swallow Tail Design

5. Tail and Nose Shape:

What’s a Swallow Tail?

Most wakesurfers have a tail that is either pointed or flat. A select few what is called a “swallow tail”. This feature essentially makes it easier to turn because the board is “looser” in back.

What is a Noserider?

If you run across a noserider, you’ll notice that they look a little different than their competitors. The front portion is wider and has a larger deck pad (or 2). This is so you can walk up to the front of the board and ride on the nose.

How to Choose a Wakesurf Board for a Bunch of Riders:

Liquid Force Rocket - a Great Wakesurfer for Everyone in the Boat

To accommodate people of different sizes, riding styles and ability levels, get a board that offers maximum versatility. Wakesurfers that are fast but also stable are a good way to go. Also, boards that come with multiple fins that can be removed or interchanged can also add more versatility.

Some examples include the Ronix Koal Fish, the Hyperlite Broadcast and the Liquid Force Rocket.

Wakesurfing is an awesome sport, but if you need some more reasons to get into it, check out this article from Wakeboarding Magazine: 7 Reasons to Start Wakesurfing This Summer.

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