What Type of Wakesurf Board is Best for My Skill Level?

Not sure which wakesurfer to buy for your skill level? Below, we show you the specific features to look for in a wakesurf board, whether you’re a beginner, mid-level or advanced level surfer. Plus, we share the top 6 wakesurf board choices.

What is the best Wakesurf Board for My Skill Level - Top Choices for Beginner, Intermediate an Advanced Wakesurfers

What’s Your Wakesurfing Skill Level?

First of all, let’s assess your current surfing level behind the boat. Are you just starting out and eager to master the basics? Or have you already carved your way through countless wakes and are ready for some advanced maneuvers?


As a beginner, you want to find a board that offers stability, forgiveness and easy maneuverability. A larger, thicker board will provide the necessary buoyancy and stability for you to get comfortable on the water. As a result, you can learn faster with less falls.

Liquid Force Rocket - a Great Wakesurfer for Beginners and Everyone in the Boat

Recommended Boards for Beginners:

a) Liquid Force Rocket: Another fantastic option for beginners is the Liquid Force Rocket.

With its wide nose and tail, this board offers excellent stability and balance, making it easy to stay on top of the water. The Rocket’s responsive nature allows beginners to build confidence and progress their skills rapidly.

b) Hyperlite Landlock: This board is an excellent choice for beginners, thanks to its generous size and stable design.

The wider profile and increased volume ensure easy planning and stability, giving beginners the confidence to progress quickly. It’s a forgiving board that allows for slow and controlled turns, making it ideal for learning the basics.

Intermediate Level Wakesurfers:

As an mid-level rider, you’ll want a wakesurfer that gives you a blend of stability and maneuverability. Therefore, you can more easily expand your repertoire of tricks and techniques.

Phase Five Trident Wakesurfer - for Intermediate Riders

Top Boards for Intermediate Riders:

a) Phase Five Trident: The Phase 5 Trident is a versatile board that caters to the needs of intermediate riders.

Its hybrid shape offers excellent maneuverability while maintaining stability. The Trident’s buoyancy and responsiveness make it a perfect choice for those looking to progress their skills and explore more advanced tricks.

b) Ronix Koal: This board strikes an ideal balance between stability and responsiveness.

With its customizable fin setup, the Ronix Koal allows you to fine-tune your ride based on your preferences.The Koal gives you excellent speed, control and maneuverability, making it a top choice for intermediate riders.

Advanced Wakesurfers:

Have you mastered behind-the-boat surfing and want a wakesurf board that won’t hold you back? Then, you want to choose a board that offers maximum performance, responsiveness and maneuverability.

Recommended Boards for Advanced Riders:

Phase Five Ahi Wakesurf Board for Advanced Riders

a) Phase Five Ahi: The Phase 5 Ahi is a high-performance wakesurf board designed for advanced riders who crave speed and agility.

Its carbon fiber construction provides exceptional responsiveness and allows for lightning-fast turns and maneuvers. The Ahi’s narrower profile and aggressive rocker ensure maximum control, making it an ideal choice for advanced riders looking to push their limits.

b) Ronix Carbon Skimmer: The Ronix Carbon Skimmer is a top-notch board that delivers unparalleled performance.

Constructed with carbon fiber, this board offers incredible responsiveness, allowing for precise control and lightning-fast maneuvers. The Carbon Skimmer’s sleek design and high-performance features make it the go-to choice for advanced riders seeking the ultimate wakesurfing experience.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Wakesurf Boards:

Are you considering buying a hybrid wakesurfer instead of a skim or surf style board? (Hybrid boards combine elements of both skim and surf style boards). To find out if they’re a worthwhile investment, let’s check out the pros and cons…


1. Versatility: Hybrid boards excel in various wave conditions, making them suitable for different riders and skill levels.

2. Maneuverability: The hybrid design allows for sharper turns and better control, enabling riders to experiment with different tricks and maneuvers.

3. Stability: Hybrid boards provide better stability than skim style boards, making them more forgiving for beginners.

Liquid Force Primo Hybrid Wakesurfer - the Pros and Cons


1. Limited Specialization: Hybrid boards may not offer the same level of performance as dedicated skim or surf style boards in their respective areas.

2. Learning Curve: Advanced riders who are used to specific board styles may need some time to adjust to the characteristics of a hybrid board.

What is the Best Wakesurf Board for My Skill level?

Young Girl Riding the Wave - Wakesurfing Tips for Beginners

Finding the right wakesurf board for your skill level is essential to maximize your enjoyment on the water. Beginners should opt for larger, more stable boards that offer forgiveness and easy maneuverability.

Intermediate riders can explore boards that strike a balance between stability and responsiveness, allowing for progression and skill development. Advanced riders can choose high-performance boards that deliver maximum responsiveness and maneuverability.

While hybrid wakesurf boards provide versatility and stability for a wide range of riders, but they aren’s all unicorns and rainbows. Hybrid boards excel in different wave conditions, offer sharper turns, and provide better stability. However, they may not match the specialization of dedicated skim or surf style boards.

Remember, no matter your skill level, the most important factor is to have fun, and really, most boards will help you accomplish that.

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