Before You Buy – Compare the 8 Most Popular Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurfers vary in size, material and design, which makes them differ in skill level, riding style and functionality. Use the chart below (and the new wakesurf board buying guide) to compare wakesurf boards to find the best board for you! Note: Keep in mind that all wakesurfers on this chart are high-quality boards. Also, many beginners can learn intermediate level boards (read reviews for full details).

Top Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurfing Skill Level

Riding Style


Board Construction

Fin Set-Up

Rating 1-5

Wakesurfer Price

Wakesurf Board Features

Driftsun Wakesurfer

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurfer
Beginner-Advanced Surf 4’8″ EPS Foam Core with Full Stringer 4 Fins 4.5 $399 Great board for beginners, however, all levels of riders can enjoy it. Get a fast ride with smooth turns. Plus, the 4 fins provide maximum control. Driftsun Wakesurfer review.

O’Brien Zenith

O'Brien Zenith Wakesurf Board
Advanced-Expert Skim Style 4’4″ & 4’9″ Divinycell Core w/ Carbon Fiber Wrap 3 Small Skim Fins 4.8 $699-$750 High performance wakesurfer great for doing 360 spins and riding forward or backward. It gives you speed, control, plus stability for easier landings. See the full Zenith O’Brien review.

Liquid Force Primo

Liquid Force Primo Skim Style Wakesurfer
Intermediate-Advanced Hybrid Surf & Skim 4′, 4’5″ & 4’10” EPS Foam Core w/ Dura-Surf Construction SK Fin + Twin S Side Fins 4.6 $469-$545 The thruster fin setup plus quad tail channels help this wakesurfer “grip” the water better. Therefore, the Primo gives you better board control without reducing speed. Liquid Force Primo Review.

Hyperlite Hi Fi

Hyperlite Hi Fi Wakesurfer
Beginner-Advanced Skim Style 4’5″
EPS Core w/ Durashell Fiberglass Finish 3 Fins (.8″ P-Wing) 4.8 $630-$749 Want an easier way to learn 360 rotations and shuvits? This board is fast, responsive and sits higher out of the water, so turns are virtually effortless. See full Hyperlite Hi Fi review.

Hyperlite Shim

2022 Hyperlite Shim Wakesurfer
Intermediate-Advanced Hybrid Surf & Skim 4’8″ EPS Core,
Dura Shell Construction
3 Fins 4.5 $379-450 Fast rocker helps you get into the sweet spot, pintail design gives you more control and full-length deck pad lets you ride the nose. See the full Read Full Hyperlite Shim Review.

Slingshot Coaster

2022 Slingshot Coaster Wakesurf Board
Intermediate-Advanced Hybrid Surf & Skim 5’3″ Foam Core 3 Small Skim Fins 4.6 $299-410 Fast-moving wakesurfer works well in small wakes, plus low-profile fins make it easier to perform 360 degree spins. See full Slingshot Coaster review.

Hyperlite Landlock

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer 2022
Beginner-Intermediate Surf Style 5’9″ EPS Foam Core 3 Fins 5.0 $450-550 Longer wakesurf board has a higher weight capacity and therefore can carry larger riders. Plus, it’s on sale because it’s last year’s model. See full Hyperlite Landlock review.

Driftsun Gromp
Kids Wakesurfer

Driftsun Gromp Kids Wakesurfer
Youth Wakesurf Board Surf Style 3’9″ EPS Core with Wood Stringer 3 Fins 3.8 $329-$375 The Gromp supports smaller riders 45 lbs to 130 lbs. The thruster fin set-up combined with the short, wide board shape also help kids progress from beginner to intermediate riding. Get more Info

Tips to Compare Wakesurf Boards:

Surf VS Skim Style Wakesurfers

How to Compare Wakesurf Boards using this Comparison Chart

Typically, wakesurf boards come in 2 different styles (or a hybrid of both): surf or skim. Get a skim style if you like doing lots of spins and jumps.

On the other hand, surf style boards provide a traditional surfing experience, but behind a boat. Alternatively, you can get a hybrid of both styles for maximum versatility.

Wakesurf Board Construction

In the past, we had to choose between wakesurfers that were durable or lightweight. Now, we can have both in one wakesurf board. In other words, we can now buy a wakesurfer that offers both performance and durability without having to choose one or the other.

If you want a tougher model, look for “Compression Molded” construction. In addition, newer materials like DuraShell and Technora also provide a strong long-lasting board.

Comparing Fin Options for Wakesurfers

Wakesurf boards can come with 1 fin (a single), 2 fins (a twin), 3 fins (a thruster) or 4 fins (a quad). For example, you can ride a quad board as a quad or a twin (just remove the 2 outer fins). Surf using a twin set-up for a loose surf feel or as a quad for a faster ride.

Of course, the more fins the wakesurfer has, the greater versatility you get when it comes to riding styles. That said, if you are a beginner rider or simply prefer one style of riding, this may not matter to you. (Not everyone needs lots of options).

What Size Wakesurf Board Should You Buy?

Board Sizes

Wakesurf boards come in a variety of lengths. In general, shorter models work better for smaller people, women or kids. Larger boards can support the weight of larger and taller people. In addition, the greater surface area provides more stability.

Many people opt for medium-size wakesurfers because they can accommodate more riders with varying skill levels. In general, you can’t go wrong with a medium-sized board because they are very accomodating.

Note: Most wakesurf boards labeled “intermediate” skill level can be used by beginners, they just may not be as easy to learn on.

Why Buy a Wakesurf Board?

Besides the fact that this is a fun sport, equipment is cheaper compared to buying wakeboards or waterskis. First of all, you don’t have to purchase bindings. Second, you can get a single wakesurfer, and multiple people can ride it. And third, you don’t have to worry about paying for new bindings when your kids grow out of their boots. =)

Comparing Your Options:

When it comes to wakesurf boards, there are numerous comparable products to consider. Each brand and model boasts unique features, shapes, and sizes designed to suit different riding styles and preferences. Some renowned brands in the wakesurfing realm include Hyperlite, Ronix, Liquid Force, Phase Five, and Slingshot. While they all strive for excellence, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each board is crucial for selecting the perfect fit for your needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of New Wakesurfers:

Through extensive research and firsthand experience, we’ve discovered the pros and cons of wakesurf boards. One significant advantage is the continuous innovation in design and materials. Modern wakesurf boards are lighter, more durable, and offer enhanced performance. However, this progress comes at a cost, as some high-end wakesurfers can get quite expensive. In addition, the vast array of board options can be overwhelming. Finding the right board that matches your skill level and surfing style may require some trial and error.

Swell Wave Generator Can Double the Size of Your Wake Behind the Boat for Wakesurfing

Wakesurf Board Evolution & Improvements:

Over the years, wakesurf boards have evolved to address various issues and enhance the overall experience. Manufacturers have made advancements in hull designs, fin configurations, and materials to optimize maneuverability, control, and speed.

For instance, newer models feature customizable fin setups that allow riders to fine-tune their board’s performance according to their preferences. Moreover, innovations like surf system integration on boats have further contributed to creating larger and more consistent wakes.

Key Decision-Making Factors When Buying a Wakesurf Board:

When choosing a wakesurf board, several factors come into play. Factors such as board size, shape, construction, and rocker profiles significantly impact performance. Riders seeking stability and ease of use might opt for larger boards with wider tails, while those focused on advanced tricks and maneuvers might prefer smaller, more maneuverable boards.

Additionally, the rocker profile determines the board’s speed, agility, and ability to handle different wave conditions. Understanding these factors and how each board performs in these areas is crucial to making an informed decision.

Design Choices & User Experience:

The design choices made by wakesurf board manufacturers directly affect the user experience. Factors like the placement and number of fins, concave bottom shapes, and deck contours contribute to stability, speed, and control. In addition, materials used in construction, such as foam cores and fiberglass layers, impact durability and responsiveness. By evaluating these design choices, riders can align their preferences with specific board characteristics to optimize their enjoyment on the water.

Last Updated June 6, 2024

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