Zenith O’Brien Wakesurf Board – Pros & Cons

Zenith O'Brien Wakesurf Board

Do you want a high-performance wakesurfer that actually makes 360’s, jumps and shuvits easier?

The Zenith O’Brien Wakesurf Board gives you both speed and control (plus several other key features) that will enable you to do more tricks.

Zenith O’Brien Wakesurfer Review: 4 Takeaways

1. First of all, the thin and lightweight design of the Zenith make it fast and easy to maneuver through the wake. (Check out the video below.) Therefore, you can attempt more moves without worrying so much about falling behind the wake.

2. Second, the diamond tail design helps you turn the board faster and complete 360 spins. Plus, it provides extra stability that you’ll want when moving the surfer around so much.


Note: The new model has been upgraded slightly from the previous version shown in the video. For example, notice the square-shaped tail and single fin versus the 3 fins and diamond tail. The new diamond tail still delivers a speedy ride, however, it makes turning easier too.

3. Third, the top of the wakesurfer is covered almost entirely with a grippy EVA deck pad. As a result, you can take advantage of the full length of the board, whether landing jumps, riding forwards or backwards, etc..

4. Fourth, the O’Brien Zenith has the perfect shape for riding both forward and backward. As a result, you have more versatility in your tricks, plus how you ride and land on your board.

O'Brien Zenith Wakesurfer for Skim Style Riding, Jumps and Spins

Potential Downsides of the Zenith

First, the largest board can only accommodate riders up to 220 lbs. Therefore, it may not be the best wakesurf board for large or tall riders.

In addition, O’Brien added upscale materials and design features, which bring up the cost. So, if you want a skim-style board but could forego the high-end features, you can save some money on the O’Brien Space Dust.

Who Will Like the O’Brien Zenith Wakesurfer?

It comes as no surprise that the O’Brien Zenith is popular among advanced riders. You can perform virtually any surf move because you have speed, control and stability on your side.

Plus, the thin construction of this lighter-weight wakesurf board allows you to cut through the wave instead of being pushed around by it. As long as you aren’t afraid of a fast board, you’ll love how this high-performance wakesurfer makes 180’s and 360’s virtually effortless. Compare more wakesurfers here.

Specs for the Zenith O’Brien Wakesurf Board:

  • Riding Style: SkimZenith Obrien 2021 Wakesurf Board
  • 2 Sizes: 52″ or 57″ Long
  • Max Weight Capacity: 150 lbs (52″) or 120-220 lbs (57″)
  • Skill Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Construction: Divinycell Core
  • Carbon Fiber Wrap, Polymer Shell
  • Full-Length EVA Deck Pad
  • Angled Kick Tail for More Control
  • Tail Shape: Diamond Tail
  • 3 Fins: (1) Spike 1.0 and (2) Trace 1.75 Fins
  • FCS Compatible Fin Boxes
  • Model: Zenith
  • Manufacturer: O’brien Water Sports
  • For Sale: Where to Get the O’Brien Zenith

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