Best Cheap Wakesurf Board for Beginners

Usually, I wouldn’t put “cheap” and “best” together when it comes to wakesurf boards. However, I am making an exception to the “best cheap wakesurf board” in this case.

Liquid Force Rocket  The Best Beginner Wakesurfer to Learn to Wakesurf

There is a new wakesurfer coming out from Liquid Force called the Rocket. It’s designed with beginners in mind, and it has a great price tag to match: $329.

And don’t be fooled – this is a new model!

Why a Cheap Wakesurf Board is a Good Idea:

Girl Surfing on a Wakesurf Board Behind the Boat

If you’re just getting started with wakesurfing, you may not want to spend lots of money on a board right away. I get it.

It’s usually a better idea to spend some time on the water first to get an idea of what type of riding you like to do. Then, it makes sense to choose a wakesurf board that meets your specific needs.

Starting out with an inexpensive wakesurfer gives you a chance to learn and get a feel for the features you like and dislike before you invest in a higher-level board.

Note: At the same time, I don’t recommend buying cheap products that fall apart in one season. This ends up being a waste of money because you can only use it for a short period of time, and you can’t re-sell it either.

Should You Pay Attention to Brand?

Let me just say that brand isn’t everything. However, when it comes to wakesurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing, I have found that good brands typically deliver good products. And, if you find a brand that makes gear that you like, it makes sense to stick with the brand you like and trust.

I have owned plenty of Liquid Force gear over the years, and I have never been disappointed. If anything, I have been surprised at how long their gear has lasted.

This company delivers quality but often you wouldn’t know it by looking at the price tags of their products. But why trust me? Check out their company story, how they got started and what they are all about. And yes, they have been making water sports products for over 20 years.

Another good brand that makes cheap wakesurfers is South bay Board Co. For years, they have made top-selling surfboards and paddleboards – but they also make wakesurf boards as well. The Rambler is their low-cost wakesurf board, although I wouldn’t call it “cheap” because it’s so well-made.

What Makes this Wakesurfer Good?

1. It’s Super Sturdy

The Rambler is an ultra durable board. The polyurethane compressed fiberglass body wears well and lasts a long time even with frequent use. Plus, this wakesurfer is conveniently lightweight and can support riders up to 250 lbs.

2. It Makes Wakesurfing Easier?

The unique design and wider shape make this board more stable and easy to ride, especially for beginners. That said, the Rambler gives intermediate and advanced riders the versatility to perform spins, shuv-its, etc..

In addition, the board has a thruster nose with a rocker, which prevents nose dives. On top of the that, the bottom side of the board is designed for speed, so you don’t fall out of the wake, never to be seen again, just kidding. It is fast, though.

3. Triple Fins

Low-Cost Rambler Wakesurf Board Tri Fin Set Up

Even though the Rambler is a basic beginner board, you still get the versatility of 3 fins. Ride with 1, 2 or 3. Your choice.

This means that you can vary up your riding style on a single board, whether you want more control or you want an easier spin. You can have both.

Interchangeable fins means that your board can progress along with you as you advance in your riding. In fact, you may not need to upgrade to a new board as soon as you may think. The Rambler may grow on you…

Great Deal

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