Rambler Cheap Wake Surfing Board – 4 Big Advantages

Do you want an inexpensive (yet durable) wakesurf board that your entire family can use? The new Rambler cheap wake surfing board costs under $299, plus it’s designed for riders of all skill levels.

Rambler Wakesurf Board - Low Cost and Affordable for Familes

1. Good Wakesurfing Board for Beginners:

First of all, the wide center and tri-fin set up give beginners an advantage. The increased surface area provides more stability, plus the fins give you more control.

Furthermore, the textured foam deck pad and rear kick plate make the surface really comfortable to stand on. In other words, it furnishes a great platform on which to build confidence riding the wake.

Rambler Wakesurf Board Construction

2. Advanced Wakesurfers Like the Rambler:

Second, the skim style design combined with a flat bottom make this a fast, fun board. Consequently, the extra speed enables riders to complete 360 spins, carves and airs more easily.

As a result, intermediate and advanced riders can have a blast on the Rambler. Not to mention, you can progress to the next skill level without having to buy a new board. =)

3. Durable Construction for a Chap Wakesurf Board:

Guy Riding Wake Behind Boat

Third, the compression-molded construction makes this a very durable wakesurf board. Therefore, you can expect this board to last a long time, even with frequent use by multiple people.

Compression-molded boards require minimal attention, care or maintenance compared to other builds. Plus, they typically last longer, which in turn ends up giving you a better value for the money.

The shape of the Rambler is designed for performing tricks, so don’t feel limited in the moves you want to try. Plus, the nose and tail shape is very similar, making it easier to ride switch after doing a 180 rotation.

4. What is the Best Wakesurf Board for the Price?

Fourth, this budget-friendly wakesurfer is really affordable compared to other boards. Not to mention, multiple riders of various skill levels can use it.

In my opinion, I think the Rambler is currently one of the best cheap wake surfing boards. That said, you can compare other models by price, length, rating etc.. on our Wakesurfer Comparison Chart & Guide. Also, here are 3 other board options worth considering:

Marsh Mellow Wakesurfer

1. Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher Wakesurf Board: The Ronix Marsh Thrasher offers a great alternative for riders looking for a versatile and forgiving board. It has a wider outline and a thicker profile, providing excellent stability and buoyancy (so you can catch waves easily and maintain control).

2. Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board: The Hyperlite Shim is a high-performance wakesurf board designed for experienced riders. It features a unique shape with a wide nose and a swallowtail, for extra speed and maneuverability. The Shim’s design allows for quick turns and responsive handling on the water. For additional information about the Hyperlite Shim, you can visit the official Hyperlite website.

3. Phase Five Phantom Wakesurf Board: Advanced riders who enjoy aggressive surfing and aerial maneuvers like this board because it offers excellent control and maneuverability. It features a skim-style design with a lightweight construction, allowing for enhanced speed and responsiveness.

Specs for the Rambler Cheap Wake Surfing Board:

Low-Cost Rambler Wakesurf Board Tri Fin Set Up
  • Dimensions: 50″ Long x 20.8″ Wide
  • Skill Level: For All Skill Levels
  • Weight Capacity: For Riders up to 220 lbs
  • Riding Style: Skim Style
  • Construction: Polyurethane Resin Core
  • Compression Molded
  • Minimal Rocker / Flat Base
  • Pintail Design
  • EVA Traction Pad
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Fins: 3-Fin Thruster Set-Up
  • Model #: Rambler
  • Manufacturer: South Bay Board Co.
  • Phone: 310.850.4402
  • Where to Buy the Rambler Wakesurfer Online

Note: The Rambler is not the cheapest wakesurf board. You can buy foam boards that cost even less, however, I’d advise against it because their cheaper construction doesn’t last long.

Instead, look for “compression molded” construction for a solid, sturdy and long-lasting wakesurfer.

Wakesurf Board and Rope?

If you need a wakesurf rope, Airhead offers some great discount prices on ropes compared to other brands. (Some colors go on sale/clearance, so be sure to check.)

Great Deal

Hyperlite Shim Hybrid Wakesurf Bard for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Riders

The Hybrid Wakesurfer for Everyone in the Boat

For Beginners , Intermediate & Advanced Riders, Plus Surf & Skim Style Riding. Easy to Maneuver & Control, High-Quality Board Under $400.