How to Buy Fat Sac Ballast Bags

How to Use a Fat Sac Ballast Bag to Get a Big Wake Without 10 People on the Boat

A ballast bag or Fat Sac can cost less – yet be an effective way (as far as boat accessories go…) to increase the wake on your boat for either wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

These sacs fit in the front bow of the boat or on the seats (depending on the style and shape). Overall, people find ballast bags easy and straightforward to use.

In addition, they are also super sturdy. Therefore, people can sit on the water-filled bags while they are full of water, adding even more weight to the side of the boat.

Furthermore, when deflated, you can conveniently stow them in the boat’s storage compartments out of the way. Adding weight to your vessel is straightforward, however, a simpler, quicker way to increase the size of your wake is with a Swell Wakesurf Creator.

Boat Size & Weight Capacity

Several companies produce ballast bags. First of all, you want to consider the size and weight capacity of your boat. The manufacturer or your boat manual should able to tell you that.

Of course, you don’t want too much weight that will sink the boat, but you want enough weight so that you can create the size wake that you want. You also want to take measurements for proper fit so you avoid problems like getting ballast bags that are too long for your boat seats.

Ballast Bag Pump

You also want a fast pump that fits the ballast bags that you buy. Not all pumps are the same, and often it’s easiest to get a pump made by the same company as the ballast bags so that you are ensured a proper fit.

Wakesurfing a Big Wake
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A fast pump will mean less time waiting for the filling an emptying of the sac. Pumps don’t require installation, but usually just a 12-volt outlet to plug into. You want something easy and hassle-free, because you’re out on the boat to have fun, remember?

Instead of buying individual items separately, you can sometimes save money when buying packages that include both the ballast bags and pump together. However, purchasing separately gives you the choice to get a faster or better pump if you want.

The Fly High Pro ballast bags are simple: they have one valve for filling and emptying. They are made of heavy duty Valmex, which is designed specifically to handle extreme physical stress.

The seams are welded as well as taped, which provides extra strength, since seams can be a primary point of failure. In short, these bags are strong, durable and will last a long time. You have better things to think about when you’re out wakesurfing than how your ballast bags are holding up.

You can buy them together (or separately) on Amazon:

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