2017 Slingshot Butter Bar – Do All Riders Like It?

People love the Slingshot Butter Bar because it helps beginners feel more comfortable on the water. Plus, it helps more advanced riders perform spins and jumps much more easily.

In addition, this board works well in smaller waves. Therefore, if your boat doesn’t produce a gigantic wake, get out the Slingshot!

Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board for 2017 - is it for Everyone?

The Butter Bar is a Great Way to Save Money…

Because so many people can ride on this board, you can get more use out of it. No need to buy multiple wakesurfers and spend unnecessary money. Save money and get a single board that can last you years.

Basically, the Butter Bar is designed for skate-style riding. If you like doing tricks behind the boat, most likely you will like this board. Not to mention you can now get this brand new 2017 wakesurfer for under $500.

Actually, you don’t have to know how to do spins or jumps to enjoy the Butter Bar. In fact, this wakesurf board makes learning tricks easier. Spend less time learning and more time showing off. Not that you do that or anything.

Why is the Butter Bar Good for Beginners?

Full Deck Pad and Wide Center Shape of 2017 Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurfer

The wide board shape combined with the full deck pad make this wakesurf board more stable and easy to ride. This helps riders have confidence to test new moves because they have that extra stability.

Another cool feature is the nose rocker than prevents nose dives while you are in the “pocket” of the wave. No one wants those, right?

In addition, this wakesurfer comes with 3 removable fins. Beginners can use all 3 for better grip and control of the board.

Why Do Intermediate and Advanced Riders Like this Wakesurfer?

2017 Slingshot Butter Bar Fin Set-UpThe Butter bar has a great glide and rides fast. Thus, making it easier to move in and out of the wake, complete spins, do shuvits, etc..

You can add and remove the fins easily without tools. Switch up the fins depending on the moves you want to do – or the person who is surfing. Having more riding options lets the board advance with your skills. No need to buy new gear every year.

Also, this board has less buoyancy, for people who like to do deep water starts.

See how the Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurfer rides, and more on the Slingshot lineup for 2017:

Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurfer Specs: