What Do I Think of the Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher?

Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurf Board Review

The Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurfer definitely has a fun graphic design on both the top and bottom of the board. The has a similar design to the Thruster, which is designed for high speed and maneuverability.

What’s the Price of the Marsh Mellow?

Surprisingly, the Marsh Mellow costs almost 40% less (around $400) than the Thruster (about $700). This cost difference might have you wondering about the quality or features of this model. However, after doing a comparison, I simply think the Ronix Marsh Mellow wakesurfer is a great deal.

Yes, Ronix states that the Thruster is the most responsive surfer that they have ever tested. Nonetheless, unless you are a pro rider, you may not notice this difference. Is it worth the extra $300? Maybe. Maybe not.

The Difference in Wakesurf Board Construction:

Besides the cost and visual appearance, the construction of this wakesurf board really stands out. It’s lightweight but exceptionally durable. These two features typically do not go together when it comes to wakesurfers.

The Thrasher wakesurf board has a soft top exterior, which makes this model lightweight and fast. In addition to being durable, this soft top design also will not ding the gel coat on your boat. It’s soft, remember?

Of course, a nice side benefit of the soft top is that it brings the cost down. Fiberglass boards are known for their lightweight design and speed, but they come at a higher cost and don’t have the durability of their counterparts.

Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Specs:

  • Comes in 2 Sizes: 4’8″ and 5’2″
  • Riding Ability: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Includes 3 Fins (2.3″ x 2) (2.9″ x 1)
  • Surf Style Board
  • Color: “Orange Pineapple Express”
  • Get it Here

Keep in mind that this board is designed for surf-style riding. If you are looking for a skim-style version, check out the Liquid Force Keen.