Compare Wakesurf Boards – 2018 Comparison Chart

Wakesurfers vary in size, material and design, which makes them differ in skill level, riding style and functionality. Use the chart below to compare wakesurf boards to find the best board for you! Note: Keep in mind that all wakesurfers on this chart are high-quality boards. Models that are not worth buying did not make it on the chart.

Wakesurfers Skill Level Riding Style Size Construction Fin Set-Up Rating 1-5 Price Notes
Liquid Force Rocket
Liquid Force Rocket Wakesurfer
Beginner Surf Style 4’8″
Compression Molded, Foam Core 3 Fins 4.5 $299-325 Stable, durable, versatile board for beginners.
Hyperlite Shim
Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board
Intermediate-Advanced Surf & Skim 4’7″
Dura Shell Construction, EPS Core 3 Futures Fins 4.3 $439-610 Hybrid board offers lots of surfing versatility. Fast ride with great turning ability.
Inland Surfer Sweet Spot
Inland Surfer Sweet Spot
Intermediate-Advanced Surf Style 4’8″ EPS Foam Core, Woodblock, Carbon Fiber 4 Fin Set-up, 2 fins included 4.4 $750-800 High performance board with ultra lightweight design. Plus, specially-designed base gives “quick release” off wake for higher air.
Byerly Speedster
Byerly Speedster Wakesurf Board
Beginner-Advanced Surf & Skim 5’2″ Compression-Molded, Biolite 3 Foam Core 3 Futures Fins 4.5 $399-450 Versatile wakesurfer for all skill levels of riders. Fast responding board for pros & stable design for newbies.
Butter Bar
Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board
Beginner-Advanced Skim Style 4’4″
Compression-Molded, Biolite 3 Foam Core 3 Fins 4.5 $420-500 Versatile wakesurfer for all skill levels of riders. Plus, convenient nose rocker prevents nose dives.
Hyperlite Broadcast
Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board
Beginner-Advanced Surf Style 4’8″ EPS Core, Dura Shell Construction 3 Fins 4.3 $300-350

Faster, more responsive board. Therefore, it’s easier to complete rotations.

Liquid Force Swami
Liquid Force Swami Wakesurfer
Intermediate-Advanced Skim Style 4’10” Compression Molded 2 Fins 4.3 $299-399 Rounded diamond tail design gives riders more control without slowing down board.
Ronix Koal Technora Lunatic
Ronix Koal Technora Lunatic
Intermediate-Advanced Surf Style 4’3″
Technora (ultra strong & lightweight) 3 Fin-S Fins 4.5 $750-775 Get ready for a squirrely ride. Unique nose fin give you extra grip and control on turns.
Hyperlite Quad
Hyperlite Quad Wakesurf Board
Intermediate-Advanced Surf Style 4’11” Dura Shell (lightweight & durable) 4 Fins 4.5 $599-675 This wakesurfer rides well in both large or small wakes. Plus, this board is forgiving, so you can ride the wake longer.
CWB Ride
CWB Ride Wakesurf Board
Beginner-Intermediate Surf Style 5’2″ Compression Molded, Foam Core 3 Fins 4.4 $270-300 This board has a stable, easy-to-learn platform. Plus, it comes with a bonus surf rope!
Phase 5 Scamp
Phase 5 Scamp Kids Wakesurf Board
Kids Skim Style 3’9″ Composilite 3 Fins 4.6 $289-300 Smaller, stable wakesurf board is easier for kids to learn on. Designed for kids under 90 lbs.

Tips to Compare Wakesurf Boards:

Surf VS Skim Style

How to Compare Wakesurf Boards using this Comparison ChartTypically, wakesurf boards come in 2 different styles (or a hybrid of both): surf or skim. Get a skim style if you like doing lots of spins and jumps.

On the other hand, surf style boards provide a traditional surfing experience, but behind a boat. Alternatively, you can get a hybrid of both styles for maximum versatility.


Wakesurf boards come in a variety of lengths. In general, shorter models work better for smaller people, women or kids. Larger boards can support the weight of larger and taller people. In addition, the greater surface area provides more stability.

Many people opt for medium-size wakesurfers because they can accommodate more riders with varying skill levels.

Note: Most wakesurf boards labeled “intermediate” skill level can be used by beginners, they just may not be as easy to learn on.

Board Construction

In the past, we had to choose between wakesurfers that were durable or lightweight. Now, we have both. If you want a more durable board, look for “Compression Molded”. In addition, newer materials like DuraShell and Technora also provide a strong board.

Fin Options

Wakesurf boards can come with 1 fin (a single), 2 fins (a twin), 3 fins (a thruster) or 4 fins (a quad). For example, you can ride a quad board as a quad or a twin (just remove the 2 outer fins).

Surf using a twin set-up for a loose surf feel or as a quad for a faster ride.