Wake Surfing Wetsuit Buying Guide for Beginners

A wetsuit keeps you warm, comfortable and protected while riding the waves in various water temperatures. However, choosing the right wake surfing wetsuit can get confusing with the numerous options available.

Wake Surfing Wetsuit Buying Guide for Beginners (Full Wetsuit, Shorty, Spring Suit & DrySuit)

Below, we’ll explain the different types and insulation levels of wetsuits for various water temperatures, including drysuits. Let’s dive in…

Understanding Different Types and Insulation Levels of Wetsuits:

1. Full-Length Wetsuit

Woman Wakesurfing in Full Wetsuit

A full-length wetsuit covers your entire body from the neck down to the ankles. It is ideal for colder water temperatures and offers excellent insulation. This type of wetsuit is versatile and suitable for various water sports, including wake surfing.

2. Shorty Wetsuit

A shorty wetsuit is a shorter version of the full-length wetsuit, typically covering the torso and upper arms down to the mid-thigh or knee. Shorty wetsuits are suitable for warmer water temperatures or when you need more freedom of movement. Mens Shorty | Women’s Shorty

3. Spring Wetsuit

A spring wetsuit, also known as a long-sleeve shorty, covers the upper body with long sleeves and the lower body with short legs. It’s designed for mild water temperatures and provides some extra warmth during cool mornings or evenings.

4. Drysuit

Unlike wetsuits that trap a thin layer of water between the suit and your skin to keep you warm, drysuits are designed to keep you completely dry. They are ideal for extremely cold water temperatures or when you want to avoid any contact with the water. Drysuits are typically used in colder climates and may be more expensive than wetsuits.

Choosing the Right Wetsuit Based on Water Temperature:

Girl in Cold Water Wearing Full Wetsuit to Keep Comfortably Warm

Cold Water (below 55°F / 13°C):
In colder water temperatures, opt for a thick full-length wetsuit with a high insulation level, usually 5/4mm or 6/5mm. These wetsuits provide maximum warmth and are equipped with sealed seams and thermal linings to trap heat effectively.

Cool Water (55°F to 64°F / 13°C to 18°C):
For cool water, a full-length wetsuit with a 4/3mm thickness is recommended. This wetsuit offers sufficient insulation to keep you comfortable during your wake surfing sessions.

Mild Water (65°F to 74°F / 18°C to 23°C):
In mild water temperatures, a spring wetsuit or shorty wetsuit with a 3/2mm or 2/2mm thickness will suffice. These suits provide ample warmth while allowing greater freedom of movement.

Warm Water (above 75°F / 24°C):
For warm water conditions, a shorty wetsuit or even a rash guard will offer enough protection against sun exposure and minor chill.

FAQ About Wake Surfing Wetsuits:

Q: Can I wear a wetsuit in hot weather?

A: Wetsuits are primarily designed to provide insulation in cool to cold water temperatures. In warm water conditions, consider using a rash guard or UV protection clothing instead to shield yourself from the sun.

Full Neoprene Wetsuit for Men and Women

Q: How do I know if a wetsuit fits correctly?

A: A well-fitting wetsuit should feel snug but not constricting. In other words, it should allow you to move freely and not have excessive folds or gaps.

Q: Can I wear a drysuit for wake surfing?

A: Yes, drysuits make wakesurfing more comfortable in extremely cold water conditions. They keep you completely dry and are suitable for winter wake surfing in colder climates. However, drysuits may limit flexibility compared to wetsuits.


Selecting the right wetsuit is essential to ensure you stay warm and comfortable during your wake surfing adventures. Consider the water temperature and choose a wetsuit with the appropriate thickness and insulation level to match the conditions you’ll be facing.

A full-length wetsuit is versatile and works well for various water temperatures, while a drysuit offers complete protection in extremely cold conditions. Remember, a properly fitting wetsuit will enhance your wake surfing experience, allowing you to focus on catching the waves and enjoying the ride.

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