Liquid Force Pod Wakesurfer – The Good & The Bad

Liquid Force Pod Wakesurfer - What makes it Different?

The Liquid Force Pod is Lightweight – and Why That’s Good…

Liquid Force Pod Wakesurf Board with Innegra on Top of Board to Absorb Impact and Provide SupportIn the video below, Jimmy Redmon from Liquid Force explains how they achieve such a lightweight design in this high performance wakesurfer.

First of all, they made the Pod thinner, narrower and shorter without decreasing the volume. Therefore, it can turn faster (especially nice in tight turns) and is more responsive.

Second, they use a polypropylene material on the top of the board called Innegra. It helps absorb impact while adding virtually no weight to the board. Plus, it gives the rider more support.

Third, they add carbon lines to the base of the board so they can use a smaller stringer. This feature also makes the wakesurf board more buoyant.

Pod Wakesurfer Construction Pros & Cons:

This board is made with EPS, or expanded polystyrene. Compared to wakesurfers with PU (polyurethane), it weighs less and has more buoyancy.

However, they typically cost more because they require more time and work to build. In addition, some people think that PU boards are easier to turn because they sink more in the water. It may come down to personal preference, as each material has its pros and cons.

Liquid Force Pod Wakesurf Board Sizes and Weight Capacities

Liquid Force Pod Wakesurfer Specs:

  • Rider Skill Level: Advanced
  • Board Riding Style: Surf
  • Board Material: CNC EPS Foam Core with Stringer
  • Fins: Quad fin Set-Up
  • Model Year: 2017
  • About the Manufacturer: Liquid Force
  • Get the POD Here

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Ronix Koal Technora Lunatic – 4 Cool Wakesurfer Features

1. Get Ready for a Wild Ride…

4 Reasons to Like the Ronix Lunatic Wakesurf Board

Some people might call this wakesurf board “squirrely” because it is designed to carve, turn, spin and really do anything but ride in a straight line.

This very buoyant board has a thick shape (almost 2″ thick!) and rides high in the water with minimal friction. Therefore, you can generate lots of speed to to perform those carves and spines with more ease. Just be ready to keep moving!

You can see what I mean in the video below:

2. Did You Notice the Nose Fin?

The Ronix Lunatic has a unique feature that you might not have noticed.
It comes with a short nose fin, which helps to provide extra grip and control on turns. (Actually, you can see it in the above video.)

With such an active board, this small front fin can really come in handy, especially if you plan on doing lots of spins. This feature is rare.

3. Exclusive Wakesurfer Easy-In, Easy-Out Fins

This wakesurf board features the really cool tool-less Fin-S 2 System. You can switch your fins in and out in seconds without using screwdrivers or other tools.

They use a spring lock system, so you simply click the fins in and depress the spring to click them out. This means less wasted time and fewer lost tools. By the way, the Fin-S 2 System is exclusive to Ronix boards.

4. Technora: What Makes this Board Construction Special?

Like other Ronix Koal Technora wakesurfers, the Lunatic features a new style of wakesurf board construction called Technora. This ultra strong yet lightweight fiber performs well in motion-based activities, plus it is not vulnerable to water damage.

In short, you get a very durable, long lasting wakesurfer that performs well and has a quick reaction time.

The Ronix Lunatic comes in 3 different sizes. The boards don’t have a max weight capacity, so choose the length depending on your body size (average, smaller than average or larger than average).

Ronix Lunatic Wakesurfer Sizes

Ronix Lunatic Wakesurfer Specs:

  • Sizes: 4’3″, 4’8″, 5’1″ long
  • Weight Capacity: Any
  • Riding Style: Surf
  • Rider Ability Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Fins: (1) 3.5″ fin + (2) 4.5″ fin (Tool-less Fin-S System)
  • Board Construction: Technora
  • Deck Pad: Machined EVA Concave Pads with Arch Support & Tail Kick
  • About the Company: Ronix
  • Get the Lunatic Here


Hyperlite Quad Review for 2017 – What Do I Think?

Hyperlite Quad Review for 2017 Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite Quad Review: A Surf-Style Wakesurfer that’s Easy to Ride…

The Hyperlite Quad Wakesurfer provides easy surf-style riding behind the boat. As you’ll notice, this wakesurf board has a big, wide tail.

This larger tail enables riders to get a bigger push forward. The responsive design also gives the wakesurfer lift and low drag (as explained in the video below).

Therefore, you can more easily propel yourself forward and around the wake. This gives riders the ability to surf longer as they try new spins and jumps and because the board is more forgiving.

Hyperlite Quad 2017

Get a Durable Wakesurfer Without Having to Buy a Heavy Board…

By the way, the specially-designed Dura Shell enables this wakesurf board to resist dents. Plus, it still weighs less than other compression molded boards.

Typically, you would have to choose a durable board or a lightweight model. However, in this case you can have both.

Is the Hyperlite Quad Better for Your Boat?

“The Hyperlite Quad’s responsive shape also has another advantage, in that it can surf most wake sizes, even smaller ones. Take note if your boat produces a smaller wake.”

How to Take Full Advantage of the Quad’s Versatile Fin Set-Up:

The Quad (as suggested by the name) has 4 fins. This set-up makes this wakesurfer more versatile due to the fact that you can add and remove fins to switch up your riding style.

Wakesurf boards can come with 1 fin (a single), 2 fins (a twin), 3 fins (a thruster) or 4 fins (a quad). You can ride a quad board as a quad or a twin (just remove the 2 outer fins).

Wakesurfer Fin Set-Up Options: Single, Twin, Thruster, Quad
courtesy of

Surf using a twin set-up for a loose surf feel or as a quad for a faster ride.

Hyperlite Quad 2017 Specs:

  • Riding Style: Surf
  • Length: 59″ long
  • Fins: 4
  • Construction: Dura Shell, high performance, light weight, long-lasting durability and value-priced
  • About Hyperlite
  • Get the Quad Here