RONIX Koal Longboard Wakesurfer… the Pros & Cons

Ronix Koal Longboard WakesurferIf you’re looking for a longboard style wakesurfer, Ronix makes one that’s great for cruising. It’s the Ronix Koal Longboard Wakesurfer.

What’s nice about these surf-style boards is that they are also great for beginners too. This makes it a good wakesurfer for a family of for sharing with friends of varying abilities.

It’s shape and size make this board very stable and easy to control. The Longboard is also very lightweight due to its fiberglass construction.

All that said, this model is not ideal for people who want to perform lots of tricks and jumps. The Inland Surfer Sweet Spot or Sling Shot Cobra Cat would be better options for skim-style riding.

In addition, the fiberglass is more fragile. You get the benefit of having a lighter-weight board, but you need to more careful with it to prevent dings.

The Ronix Longboard also only comes with a single fin. Therefore, it offers less versatility in riding styles. This board is mainly for surfing, for those who still want to surf but don’t live near an ocean.

Ronix Koal Longboard Specs:

  • Length: 4′ 10″
  • Style: Surf
  • Fin: single fin, longboard style
  • Construction: Epoxy with outer fiberglass layer

Ronix Board Company makes an entire line of wakeboards, wake skates, wakesurfers and more. Their Koal Classic Longboard style is nothing new. However, the cool thing is that you can save about $170 by getting this year’s model, with essentially the same design and features.